New trial kicks off in July and brings NGT’s massive 2023 round of wetland restoration works to a close

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve finally brought to a close all of our planned wetland restoration works for the 2023 autumn/winter period – and it has been a big year! Since February, our scheduled works have taken us all over south-eastern Australia, working with some wonderful partners across public and private land. To everyone we have worked with, or that partnered with us to bring these projects to fruition, thank you!

To recap, here are a few highlights:

Our final job on the list, completed a couple of weeks ago, pulled together several of the NGT crew for a sandbagging job at a restoration trial site in an artificially drained wetland in western Victoria. Here is the team, showing off our latest design – which in this case involved capping the trial structure with a heavier geofabric – accommodating the site being situated within a working farm that will still be accessible to sheep (and their hard hooves). A big thanks to the private landholders of this important area, and others where we have worked over recent months, for your ongoing interest and support in returning wetlands to our landscape!

The NGT sandbagging crew in July 2023 at a wetland restoration trial site in western Victoria. From left to right: Dale, Mark, Lachie, John, Tom, Ayesha, Rosemary and Liam. Photo: Mark Bachmann

For anyone who is interested to learn more about NGT’s wetland restoration work, this retrospective overview from a couple of months ago may be of interest.

Finally, if you have been thinking about restoring your drained wetland, then we’re happy to explain the options and do what we can to assist you – including accessing funding support so that you are not out of pocket. To learn more, please follow this link, which includes contacts for all of NGT’s wetland specialists across Australia.

Mark Bachmann