NGT Education brochure launches – we want to share our passion for nature with your school!

Since the early days of NGT, environmental education has been an integral part of what we do. We have worked both on a once-off basis and developed longer-term programs with local primary and secondary schools in South Australia and Victoria to help students learn more about the environment around them.

Just a few highlights have been showing the UV glowing capabilities of scorpions to Frances Primary School students, sculpting burrowing crayfish as part of the Kids Teaching Kids program in Portland, watching brolgas through binoculars at Mt Burr Swamp with Newbery Park Primary School, demonstrating dolphin predation on cuttlefish with Reidy Park Primary School, doing the cockle shuffle at Goolwa with year 11s from Investigator College, and undertaking bird counts with Hamilton secondary students at Walker Swamp.

We often get inquiries from teachers who are curious about what we do and wondering if we can tie in with their curriculum, so in an effort to streamline our communication about our education offerings we are pleased to launch a new brochure! The brochure summarises the facilities available at each NGT Reserve, as well as the some possible activities – but if you have an idea that’s not listed, we’d love to discuss it with you.

The brochure can be downloaded here, or drop us a line () to order physical copies.


Rose Thompson