NGT nursery given a helping hand

Our Community Nursery site at Vansittart Park is in a fantastic central location for our volunteers, and allows us to grow seedlings for numerous restoration projects. However, space at our small nursery is limited and we have nowhere to expand, and this year’s planting season is going to be a big one! So this year, NGT received some wonderful assistance from OneFortyOne in the lead up to this year’s revegetation projects through the region, in the form of much needed nursery space!

For the last few years we have planted approx. 1600 plants along the edge of the main swamp at NGT’s Mt Burr Swamp Restoration Reserve, but this year we are growing over 5000 thanks to a grant from Graymont (allowing us to revegetate the entire main swamp edge over the next two years). We are also growing larger than usual numbers of sedges (Carex iynx) for a large grassland restoration project at our Mt Vandyke Restoration Reserve.

OneFortyOne Nursery manager Craig Torney has generously set us up with a table at their Glencoe nursery to help us alleviate the space issues we’ve been having in our small Mt Gambier nursery. The little plants are growing well and we’re looking forward to getting them into the ground at Mt Burr Swamp this coming season. Thanks Craig and OneFortyOne!

Fellow nursery managers Angela Jones (NGT) and Craig Torney (OFO) looking over the native plants destined for Mt Burr Swamp later this year.

The NGT Community Nursery is generously supported by OneFortyOne

Angela Jones