The 2014 Biodiversity ‘Up Close’ events

The 2014 Biodiversity ‘Up Close’ events

NGT along with a host of partners bring you the Biodiversity ‘Up Close’ events – a series of walks, talks and opportunities for you and the family to meet the experts and learn about the amazing things nature offers across the South East of South Australia and Victoria’s South West.

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2014 “Up Close” Official Events

What is Biodiversity?   
Biodiversity is the variety of all living things; the different plants, animals and micro organisms, the genetic information they contain, the ecosystems they form and how they interact and connect with each other and the environment.

Thank you! The ‘Up Close’ events are made possible by funding by the State NRM Community Grants program, Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources, and the support of Natural Resources South East, Forestry SA and various local community groups and organisations.

2011 Biodiversity event: wildlife corridors and spotlighting night, Dry Creek
2011 Biodiversity event: Bat talk in Blanche Cave, Naracoorte Caves NP