Photo of the Month: The spectacular view over Brady and Walker Swamps this spring

A big thank you to Doug Craig, a neighbour and long-term friend of NGT, for sending in this spectacular image of Brady Swamp in November 2021.

With early and sustained river flows this year helping to offset the impact of upstream artificial diversions (which have diverted all the winter/spring Wannon River flows from its headwaters off Mt William to Lake Bellfield for the past 50 years), it is great to see Brady Swamp is still full as we head into the summer months.

Brady Swamp straddles public and private land and is an instream wetland of the Wannon River. It was one of our early restoration trial sites back in 2014, and was permanently restored with with artificial outlet drain completed backfilled a short time later.

If you look in the distance, the two wetlands in the background are situated on NGT’s Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve – not a bad part of the world at all!

Brady Swamp, an in-stream wetland of the Wannon River (foreground), with NGT’s Walker Swamp Restoration Reserve in the background. Photo: Doug Craig.
Mark Bachmann