Rare plants and restoration projects – A talk on Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps

Ben, who is based in Adelaide South Australia, recently received an invitation from the Australian Plants Society to give a presentation on NGT’s Fleurieu Peninsula Swamp hydrological restoration projects. The talk was videoed by David Lloyd-Lindley of the Society and has been made publicly available. You can view the video presentation below, and you can read more about our conservation work in Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps here.

Ben discussed the hydrology of the critically endangered ecological community, Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps, including why they form peat and their relationship to fire. Ben showed the group the typical and rare species that inhabit these ecosystems, and discussed their threats. He also explained NGT’s projects at two important remaining Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps: Glenshera Swamp (Stipiturus Conservation Park) and Square Waterhole Swamp (Hesperilla Conservation Park). It was great to be able to share information about the plants of Fleurieu Peninsula Swamps, and our work in these special ecosystems with such a knowledgeable and interested group.

Ben Taylor