Roll up, roll up – the show is well underway at Mt Burr Swamp!

Monitoring using photos from fixed points (called photopoints) can be a successful method of visually showing the changes that take place over time. In NGT’s case we use photopoints to see the changes brought about from environmental restoration within a previously modified site or landscape. We were treated to changes observed at Walker Swamp by Greg Kerr (July 2023), and how dramatic those improvements were in native vegetation cover and increasing water levels soon after the completion of hydrological works on that property.

This time let’s focus our attention on Mt Burr Swamp, now that the dust has settled after the successfully completion of the Recharge Farm project out there. For an aerial view of the restoration works (and results after the wet June we had in 2023) and some background see the following blog post from 2023.

Sit back and enjoy a short slide show from one motion sensor camera set up at Mt Burr Swamp showing change from February 2023 to January 2024.

The project was supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board, through funding from the South Australian Government’s Landscape Priorities Fund and the Australian Government’s National Water Grid Connections Funding Pathway.

Bryan Haywood