Soaking rains liven up the East St Wetland!

Soaking rains liven up the East St Wetland!

With impressive winter rains, many of the often inconspicuous, and often dry wetlands of the region have come to life including our little swamp scrub restoration site at East St in Narrawong!

As a lot of the area is now holding water, the plants and animals have come to life (or ‘chorus’ in the case of our resident frogs). With moist soils, we had the opportunity last weekend to put in some more seedlings that needed a bit more time in the nursery over winter. Species included Melaleuca squarrosa (Scented Paper-bark), Gahnia trifida (Coastal Saw-sedge) and the rare Eucalyptus kitsoniana (Bog gum).

Swamp rats were having a great time making lots of soil mounds, and it was also great to see active burrows of the elusive Freshwater Burrowing Cray, from the genus Engaeus. Hopefully with some investigative work and help from the NGT team we can figure out the which sub-species of burrowing crayfish is present at the site in the future.

Lauren Kivisalu