Upcoming volunteer events – nursery, wetland, and coast

The end of year is fast approaching but we still have a few events and volunteer opportunities to finish off 2021. See our full schedule below.

As well as our regular nursery sessions (held every Friday at the moment), we have two workshops coming up at the coast. First up, next week, Friday 5th November, we’ll be heading to Hutt Bay Wetlands to check out the water-bugs and frog life. At our Nature Festival event in September we found lots of tadpoles and other interesting critters, so it we will see how their lifecycles have progressed since then.

Then on Thursday, 2nd December, we’ll be heading to Cape Douglas for our first reef ramble of the season. These events are always great fun and we see so many fascinating creatures. We’ll also do a bit of beach combing while we pick up any rubbish we see. Please get in touch here or by copying the email address below if you’d like to join us at any of these events.

These events are suitable for all ages and no prior experience or knowledge is necessary.

Over the past few weeks our wonderful volunteers have been busy helping in the nursery, preparing plants for our recent sale and getting to know Angela, the new Nursery Coordinator. Ange would like to thank those who came to help for the hard work they put in, and all those who purchased plants for the properties and gardens. The funds raised will be invested back into the nursery for next year’s revegetation efforts.

Jess Bourchier