Calling interested landowners! – Bat survey time kicks off soon in the Upper South East…

Our resident bat guru, Cath Dickson is having a well-earned break at the moment, but she sent through some information for me to pass onto everyone about one of her current projects…

Bats represent a quarter of all our mammal species in Australia, but often go unnoticed by landholders in both rural and urban environments.  We are undertaking a bat survey in the Upper South East, using remote recorders, for six weeks from the 17th of March to increase our general knowledge of the bats that call our region (and possibly your backyard!) home. The remote recorders use highly sensitive sound detectors to record the (high-pitched frequency) echo-location calls of insectivorous bats that fly past. The unique frequency “pattern” of these calls allows for the recordings to be analysed to work out which species occur in the area being surveyed.

If you are interested in finding out who flies your property at night and have a property between Naracoorte and Bordertown, with or without bushland, we would love to hear from you.  Contact Cath Dickson, Nature Glenelg Trust on  or on 0478 121 733.

And fear not, although away at the moment, Cath will respond to your message when she returns from leave.

Identifying a bat the traditional way!