The great purple-spotted rescue on ABC2 – Friday the 13th Nov

Following on from recent recapture of southern purple-spotted gudgeon at the original lower Murray rediscovery site, the short documentary on the species will air on ABC2 tonight (Friday 13th) night just after 10:00pm as part of the ‘Second Chance’ documentary series. The documentary, by Alison Rogers of Living Stories, details the involvement of a passionate group of children from Alberton Primary School in the captive breeding of the species. The kids from Alberton, along with those of Urrbrae High School and Todd Goodman (who has been running the Aquasave – NGT Hatchery) have been critical to the recent reintroduction success because without them there would be no fish to release!

To see the short 5-minute doco for the next couple of weeks, go to here on ABC i-view where you can watch it until the 28th November, or after that date you can also see the trailer here.

Long live the purple-spot!