Upcoming threatened flora translocations just around the corner…

We’re still in the midst of planting season, and in the next couple of weeks NGT will be undertaking a translocation of the nationally threatened Avenue Cassinia (Cassinia tegulata) as part of the RUEC project (to follow on from threatened orchid and Trailing Hop-bush translocations we completed last winter).

The species only occurs at a small number of sites in South Australia, and one across the border in Victoria, near Edenhope, with about 1200 individuals remaining in total. Seed was collected in 2015 from three sites in the Avenue region, and propagated in our nursery in Mount Gambier. We now have more than 500 seedlings ready to be planted out. As you can see from the photo, this species is a rapid and vigorous grower and some seedlings have already flowered in the nursery.

The translocation will significantly boost numbers in the wild, and increase the resilience of this species, so it is an exciting time for this important species.

We’ll let you know how they go in a future post!

Avenue Cassinia seedlings ready for planting

Avenue Cassinia seedlings ready for planting