20 Million Trees planting complete for this year

20 Million Trees planting complete for this year

You may remember from recent blogs (here and here) that we have been undertaking a large revegetation planting at Eaglehawk Waterhole. The initial four day planting stint was followed up by two shorter one and two days sessions to complete the task for this year. Roughly 7500 seedlings were planted this year, with a similar number to follow next year.


We also took the opportunity to carefully collect all the fruit (we hope!) from the one paddy melon weed we have found on the property.


We are already planning for next year, and once planting was complete we set out to collect Banksia seed to begin growing the next batch of plants. Seed collecting will be an ongoing task over the next six months or so, with the seed of different species ready at different times.



We mostly had clear blue sunny skies during planting, so couldn’t have planned it better if we’d tried!

A big and special thanks to our dedicated volunteers and to all NGT staff who helped with planting at Eaglehawk this year!

Rose Thompson