Catching up with long-term NGT volunteer – Andy Lines

Before moving back to Adelaide, Andrew Lines worked and volunteered for NGT primarily at our Eaglehawk Waterhole Restoration Reserve from 2016-2019 where he undertook a range of activities including the preparation of an insect collection. Andy found several rare species at Eaglehawk Waterhole and the collection is a testament to his dedication to insect conservation and study.

So it was great to see Andy recently featured in page 3 of the Adelaide Advertiser on March 17th (see below) for his dedication in volunteering for a project aiming to reintroduce the Yellowish Sedge-skipper butterfly to habitats in the Adelaide Hills! He has been helping Natural Resources Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges to look after over 100 skippers while they develop into adults and await release.

Andy has had a life long passion for insects, especially butterflies, and it was great to read the newspaper article about him being involved in the translocation of a rare skipper. Andy has assisted with butterfly translocations before in 2017-2018 where he and other volunteers made holding cages with food plant for the Silver Xenica (Oreixenica lathoniella) in a project which ran between south-west Victoria and south-east South Australia.

Adelaide Advertiser article from March 17th 2020 showcasing Andrew Lines helping to release Yellowish Sedge-skippers back into the wild.

We wish Andy well with his endeavours in Adelaide and future butterfly related projects!

Bryan Haywood