Eaglehawk Waterhole Planting Festival wrap up

Eaglehawk Waterhole Planting Festival wrap up

Earlier in the month, from Wednesday 15 – Saturday 18 June, NGT staff and volunteers camped out at Eaglehawk Waterhole to get this year’s 20 Million Trees planting underway. The first day saw a us packing just under 8000 seedlings and gear into the back of a hired truck, two trailers, and three vehicles at our community nursery site in Mount Gambier before heading north to the property.


Nursery Officer Yvonne taking one last look over the plants before their journey

Once on site, there was some site orientation and sorting out plants to tackle, as well as a whole lot of tree guards to remove and recycle which was an ongoing task throughout. Fortunately we were able to reuse a large number of guards from older Landscape Links plantings on another part of the property.

Thursday saw us get into the planting in a big way, with teams rotating through tasks for variety.


Teamwork all the way

Friday morning a very light misty rain proved quite persistent and by lunchtime we were all drenched. Luckily, this was nothing that lunch back at the campfire and a quick change of clothes couldn’t fix!

Friday's team

Friday’s team

Saturday was the main volunteer day, with several vollies coming from Naracoorte, and others from Mount Gambier. A break at lunch time provided the opportunity to talk about the history and the future of the property, while enjoying a barbecue.


Bryan giving an overview of the property

Thanks to the efforts of all involved, a huge area has been covered and now, including a follow-up planting day held on Saturday the 25th, nearly 6000 seedlings have been planted so far.

A massive thank you to all those who joined us! – and check out our Facebook page for a few more pictures.

We have a few more seedlings still to get in the ground; so, if you’d like to get involved, contact: .

Saturday's team

Saturday’s team


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