Mt Vandyke fundraiser – a final update before June 30…

It has been 4 weeks since we launched the new NGT fundraiser for Mt Vandyke, and together we’re making some good progress…

At last count, 68 different donors have so far contributed a little over $40,000 which, after being matched, has now seen the loan balance drop by more than $80,000, from $268,193 just a month ago, to $185,609 today. Here is the latest screen shot of the loan balance:

Actual balance (screen-shot) of the Mt Vandyke Loan at the time of writing, on 23rd June 2021

A reducing loan balance also means we are paying less interest, which in itself a fantastic help as we drive the land purchase debt down as quickly as we can.

To the 68 individuals and families that have so far donated amounts varying from $10 to $10,000 (before being matched) we are truly grateful for your early support for this new and exciting project – so a heartfelt thank you. As you can see, the tally is really starting to add up, and the loan balance is coming down!

Once the loan is repaid, we will host a celebration on site where all project supporters will be invited to visit the new Restoration Reserve to learn all about our future plans for the property from our team of dedicated professional ecologists.

For anyone else who is considering chipping in and being part of the exciting journey ahead, donate before 30th June and you can claim a deduction in this year’s tax return!

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Mark Bachmann