NGT Out and About: Photos from the field in February

Bryan snapped some cool critters and rare plants whilst out and about this month:

  • The first two were during surveys of vegetation (The Claypans) inside a OneFortyOne forestry site, where he saw a Flame Sedge-skipper and Southern Boobook Owl chick roosting in the pines.
  • Then at Mt Burr Swamp Bryan spotted a pair of Brolga and a Swamp Daisy-bush (Olearia glandulosa) in flower. This daisy is a threatened plant in SA and NGT are controlling blackberry thickets in and around this population at Mt Burr Swamp
  • Lastly, near Tarpeena (between Penola and Mt Gambier) he spied a Swamp Mazus (Mazus pumilio) in flower, which is a threatened plant in SA, and a Southern Grass-dart which is uncommon in the Limestone Coast region.

Tessa Roberts