NGT Nursery update – including remaining native wildflowers for sale

Ryan and I have been working together to keep the nursery ticking along while we work towards the next planting season. We have recently sown a LOT of seeds for various reveg projects, including several grass species.

Currently we have the following for sale:

  • Feather-heads (Ptilotus macrocephalus) – now flowering and looking stunning en masse in Yvonne’s garden
  • Purple Flag/Native Iris (Patersonia occidentalis)
  • Common Everlasting/Yellow Button (Chrysocephalum apiculatum)
  • Fuzzy New Holland Daisy (Vittadinia cuneata)

These plants are available now! Pop in or call us to organise your purchase.

These beautiful wildflowers are available now

These beautiful wildflowers are available now

Rose Thompson