Phase 2 of the Long Swamp Restoration Trial successfully in place!

Phase 2 of the Long Swamp Restoration Trial successfully in place!

On Tuesday the 1st of July, thanks to a group of 11 willing helpers (from NGT and the Glenelg Hopkins CMA) eager to take on the rugged terrain, the second phase of the Long Swamp restoration trial was successfully installed.

As reported in a previous blog, this second phase of the trial will be used in conjunction with the main trial structure that was completed in May, to enable us to better manage and monitor the hydrological behaviour of the site through this first winter season, and help inform the design of third and final phase of the trial to be constructed over the 2014-15 summer.

So how did the day go?  Have a look over the images below to find out…

Site preparation on the 23rd of May 2014

Ready for work to begin…

Preparing for the base layer of sandbags.

The base is coming together.

Levels rising…

Finishing touches.

The completed structure.

Our goal of having some influence on swamp water levels this year was also met, with an immediate 10-12 cm water level rise immediately upstream. Although this might seem impressive, the impact so far is actually quite localised due to a steady rise in the elevation of the swamp bed as you move inland away from the Nobles Rocks outlet. This observation is supported by the speed with which levels rose; i.e. if a wider area of swamp was being influenced (filled), levels would have risen much more slowly.

Levels just upstream of the Phase 2 weir in Long Swamp before construction on the 1st of July

After the Phase 2 weir was completed on the 1st of July

The water level upstream of the Phase 2 weir responds on the day of construction

In summary, we now have everything in place for the winter and spring season of monitoring ahead, and look forward to getting out there again with the local community next summer to install the phase 3 trial structure – guided by what we learn from closely watching how the site responds over the next 6 months.

In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep you up to date!

The Phase 2 sandbag crew – 1st July 2014:  Back – Jarred, Ryan, Lachie H, Lauren, Jonathan, Lachie F, Ryan; Sitting – Rose, Cath, Bryce; Missing – Mark (holding camera).


Mark Bachmann