Reviewing the impacts of changing flows in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges

Many of us are aware of the critical importance of flow for streams and wetlands and that reduced flows will impact these ecosystems. Despite this, it is not always easy to find empirical evidence to support these general views.

Nick has been working with staff from DEWNR and Natural Resources, SA MDB, to review the need to restore flows in the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges, an small but important region of streams that flow into the Lower Murray (and Lower Lakes). This review looks at the role of flow regimes, how these flow regimes have changed over time, and the subsequent impacts on macroinvertebrates and fish communities. The review concludes by highlighting a range of strategies that are being implemented to help improve flow regimes across the Eastern Mount Lofty Ranges.

The review is summarised in a Technical note, which can be found here.

Stream habitat in the Mt Lofty Ranges

Stream habitat in the Mt Lofty Ranges

Nick Whiterod