Robbie’s ‘home’ – that is, he’s back at Long Swamp!

Robbie’s ‘home’ – that is, he’s back at Long Swamp!

While we were at the NGT annual workshop last week – the exciting news came through!

Robbie the bittern had completed retracing his steps from earlier in the year, and after recently spending time at Pick Swamp, and then looking around the Glenelg River estuary – he finally landed back at the restored wetland in Long Swamp behind Nobles Rocks.

And here is the proof! – Robbie has returned to the restoration trial location at Nobles Rocks in Long Swamp after visiting Pick Swamp and the Glenelg River estuary.

A big thanks to Matt from the Bitterns in Rice project for keeping us up to date.

So what do you think, will Robbie stick around now and breed?

We can’t wait to see what news next year will bring…

Mark Bachmann