Scaling-up Ecosystem Restoration Webinar – now available to view online

It was a great privilege to recently participate in an online seminar to kick off the UN Decade of Ecosystem Restoration, hosted by Landcare Tasmania. The event was live streamed, but due to some technical difficulties not everyone who registered was able to able to see the event live.

The good news is that it is now available to view, along with a range of related information, from the Landcare Tasmania website (by clicking here).

If you are especially interested to hear my talk about ecological restoration, which explains a little about the work and restoration philosophy of NGT, then I have set the video below to play that particular segment of the seminar (but I also strongly encourage you to watch the whole event by clicking the link above).


Habitat restoration sometimes involves transitions in native plant communities, like this example in Discovery Bay Coastal Park after the reinstatement of Bully Lake, near Nobles Rocks.
Mark Bachmann