Some great local stories in edition 27 of Wetlands Australia magazine

Some great local stories in edition 27 of Wetlands Australia magazine

The latest edition of Wetlands Australia magazine has just come out, with a theme of wetlands and threatened species.

This is a topic that we are pretty passionate about at NGT, whether it be Nick and Lauren sampling threatened freshwater fish, Cath or Jono on the hunt for threatened flora, Lachie trying to capture an elusive audio recording of threatened frogs, or Bryan out chasing threatened birds, butterflies or our very own logo, the Ancient Greenling Damselfly. The common theme is that wetlands are a hotspot for biodiversity in our region and our efforts to restore wetlands are directly helping in the recovery effort for a broad range of threatened species.

With all of this in mind, it is great to be able to share with you a couple of articles out of the latest edition that have a connection to NGT, that nicely demonstrate how wetland restoration benefits threatened species.

Firstly, an article written by Lauren Veale and myself, looking at Dwarf Galaxias and its response to restoration works, which you canĀ download here.

Secondly, an article written by Matt Herring and others, giving a very brief overview of the story of Robbie the Bittern – which (unless you have been away for the last few months) I suspect you have heard about by now! You can download a pdf of the article here.

The first page of the Dwarf Galaxias article from Wetland Australia Magazine, edition 27 (for full pdf click the link in the article above)

Mark Bachmann