Sustainable fishing fun at Southend

In late October the year 5/6 class from Newbery Park Primary School joined NGT’s Jess and Angus at Southend, SA jetty for a sustainable fishing workshop as part of the school’s ongoing environmental and cultural education program. The sun was shining and it looked set to be a great day, despite the wind.

The students started by learning about what fish size and bag limits are, how they are determined, why they’re different for different species, and why they’re important. Students were also introduced to fish-friendly handling techniques, and fish and environmentally friendly tackle.

Students eager to get fishing. Photo: Angela Jones.

After a bit of casting practice on land, the students then had the opportunity to go fishing. And while the fish weren’t biting to start with, the wind blew a few hats into the water, providing the perfect target to catch.

Despite the slow start, the students’ hopes remained high and towards the end of the session the fish came on the bite. In the end plenty of fish were caught, with many students catching their first ever fish.

The day finished with a late lunch and a smile on everyone’s face.

This project is supported by the Limestone Coast Landscape Board’s Grassroots Grants program, funded by regional landscape and water levies.

Jess Bourchier