The 100th edition of the NGT Newsletter has come around fast!

For the first four years or so after I wrote the first NGT blog (which was way back in February 2012, not long after NGT’s public launch on the 16th January 2012), we relied on an automated email feed service to collate and circulate these stories to our subscribers. It was a very basic (and crucially back then, free) set-up, so after updating our website in 2016, we decided to change things up by putting together the blogs into a more attractive newsletter format – something we have stuck with ever since.

Edition 1 of the new format newsletter went out in May 2016, and they have been going out regularly ever since. In fact, looking back to the early days, sometimes we even managed to get multiple newsletters out each month – yes, we were keen! For a few years now however we have settled into the rhythm of monthly newsletters, and it has become our primary means of communicating highlights from our diverse work across south-eastern Australia to our partners, supporters, media and the wider community. To take a retrospective look back at all past newsletters, please click here.

After 100 newsletter editions, full of NGT stories, I want to say a big thank you to the NGT team members who share their knowledge and passion for what what we do, and for taking the time to tell these stories, in their own words. In addition to our regular work, this continues to be a big commitment. I also want to thank you all, our newsletter subscribers, for following our work and contributing in the various ways you do (things like volunteering, donating and sharing your knowledge) – we couldn’t do what we do without you!

Making environmental science and restoration information readily available and accessible in plain language is something I am personally passionate about, so it has been a real joy over the years to regularly hear just how much the NGT newsletter resonates with you all.

Finally, if anyone has any particular observations or feedback you would like to share with us about the newsletter after 100 editions, we’d love to hear from you, so please get in touch (via ). Depending on what we hear back, we might even share some of this feedback next month!

Here’s to the next 100 editions!

Mark Bachmann
Managing Director/Founder

Mark Bachmann