There’s a new NGT newsletter editor in town!

If you have the pleasure of knowing Mark personally, you will be aware that as Manager of NGT he is constantly on the go and incredibly busy behind the scenes keeping all the cogs turning in the operation of this small but hard-working NGO. Since NGT launched in January 2012, Mark has been the main player in communicating the organisation’s achievements with our community via the email newsletter. I’m sure you will agree, seven years is a long time without a proper break and to this end Mark is currently preparing to take a backseat, with a few months of relaxation scheduled to begin very soon.

Despite the saying “while the cat’s away the mice will play”, it will be business as usual here at NGT and Mark has handed over production of the monthly newsletter to me. While I’ve been a regular contributor to the newsletter for several years now, we thought I should introduce myself as the new editor.

So, hello! I’m Rose Thompson, and I have lived most of my life in the South East/Limestone Coast of South Australia. I studied environmental management in Adelaide where I became interested in environmental education and community engagement. After uni I worked at a summer camp in the United States, running the environmental education program and providing personal care to children and adults with special needs. Following that stint overseas I happened to be in the right place at the right time when NGT needed someone with ecology qualifications to assist with some projects at short notice, and I originally came on board for three months in 2013.

Meeting Olive, the olive python recently at an education session at Newbery Park Primary School

Returning to summer camp and more travel beckoned in 2013/14, but when I got back from that trip I helped out as a field assistant with NGT again, then did some data entry, then some casual work… one thing led to another and here I still am nearly five years later! During that time I have worked on huge variety of projects, including threatened orchid translocations, the community nursery, southern bent-winged bat regional action plan review, a whole lot of reveg plantings, environmental education with three local schools, ghost mushroom tour guiding, and so much more. I am also the main face behind NGT’s social media (check us out on Instagram and Facebook if you haven’t already).

A very cold and muddy planting day back in 2014

As you can see, I am passionate about environmental education and community engagement, and many of my favourite work activities over the years have involved working and communicating with our community and supporters. I’m looking forward to sharing NGT’s news with you in the future! You can get in touch with me by email or phone (0437 597 685).

Rose Thompson