Threatened flora Western Volcanic Plains

14 Feb 2018 Photo of the week – Orchid Dupe Wasp on a Basalt Leek-orchid

Like many of the plant species remaining on the Victorian Volcanic Plain, the endangered Basalt Leek-orchid (Prasophyllum viretrum) is threatened by clearance, fragmentation and degradation of habitat. Despite this, it's hanging in at a handful of grassland sites near Warrnambool and can be seen flowering en...

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23 Jul 2016 What do dwarf galaxias, orchids and woodland birds have in common?

They're a few of the fascinating things to be found at our Maam Water Reserve project site, just out of Warrnambool! [caption id="attachment_15334" align="alignright" width="420"] Dwarf galaxias (Galaxiella pusillla) (image: M. Hammer)[/caption] Things have been steadily ticking along over the last few months at this small wetland reserve...

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04 Jul 2015 Photo of the week – July 3 – Waterbirds on Lake Linlithgow, Vic

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="500"] Waterbirds on Lake Linlithgow (Photo: J. Tuck)[/caption] This photo of waterbirds was taken out at Lake Linlithgow this week, about 20 minutes east of Hamilton. 59 waterbird species have been recorded on the lake, and with water slowly returning, so are the...

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