08 Sep 2017 Sharing the restoration plans for Square Waterhole Swamp (Hesperilla CP)

Well, it's been quite a journey over the past 12 months in getting to know another important wetland on the Fleurieu Peninsula at Hesperilla CP (just south of Mt Compass), a small remnant portion of the originally much larger Square Waterhole Swamp. [caption id="attachment_28278" align="aligncenter" width="927"] The...

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08 Sep 2017 Budding young scientists explore the underwater world at Mt Burr Swamp!

Lauren and Michelle recently hosted two fantastic aquatic workshops at Mt Burr Swamp for students from Newbery Park Primary School and Millicent High School. The clinics are part of the ForestrySA Schools Program which focusses on biodiversity education, including corridors. This workshop was aimed at...

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08 Sep 2017 Managing water on the flats at Eaglehawk Waterhole – a different kind of wetland restoration

Thanks to the wet spring last year, we finally saw NGT's Eaglehawk Waterhole (our restoration reserve in the Upper South East), back to looking at its best - with large areas of shallow seasonal wetland inundating the SA blue gum and buloke woodland flats for the first...

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