Green Swamp (Victoria)

Nature Glenelg Trust’s Green Swamp Restoration Reserve is situated in the southern Grampians region near Glenthompson and Dunkeld, a short distance to the east of our wetland reserve at Walker Swamp.

Green Swamp had been progressively drained in an attempt to open up the the land for more intensive agricultural land use, but thanks to the support of  the previous owners, Warrembool Pastoral Co., Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT) was able to restore the original sill level of the wetland in 2014.

With the spectacular process of wetland recovery that has occurred since, and to protect these outcomes permanently, Green Swamp became a NGT Restoration Reserve, and was formally announced to the public ahead of World Wetlands Day in February 2020.

Tax-deductible donations to the NGT Foundation, to support the future management of NGT’s Reserves, can be made on-line, by emailing or by calling the NGT regional office on 08 8797 8596.


Visiting Green Swamp

Given the unusual (landlocked) configuration of the site, access to Green Swamp is only available by contacting Nature Glenelg Trust to obtain our formal consent. We can arrange the relevant permissions, notify our neighbours prior to your visit, and provide instructions with detailed directions for our approved access point and how to reach the best monitoring vantage points.

We are especially inviting birdwatchers (individuals or groups) who are willing to visit the site with binoculars and quietly observe the bird populations at the wetland, to record and share their observations with us. This will help us track its ecological recovery, as it has very quickly become an important summer refuge habitat after restoration works were completed. You can provide your details if you wish to be notified when we have occasional volunteer activities occurring on site.

To avoid disappointment, please note that access for other purposes will not be granted.

Your visit can be arranged by contacting NGT’s property manager Dr. Greg Kerr, on or by calling him on 0418 846 993.

NGT thanks the following project partners for their support:

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