Reflections from a massive June for NGT… from Tassie to SA, and beyond, our approach to science-based restoration is making an impact

First of all, welcome to a massive June newsletter full of exciting news from NGT’s work across south-eastern Australia!

But before we get into the rest of the stories from the team, given the number of interesting things that have happened lately I’m also going to condense about five other stories here down to one – so hop on board, as we take a quick journey around some other recent news…

Moulting Lagoon, Tasmania
Back at the start of the month, it was great to read the Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s winter newsletter, to see how they have been adding value to the saltmarsh restoration works NGT coordinated on their Long Point Reserve over the past two years. If you missed it, a detailed summary of NGT’s work at this important site can be seen here.

The specific story TLC about Long Point is also shared in the pdf viewer below:


Mt Burr Swamp, South Australia
Next up, I was invited into the ABC South East SA studio for World Environment Day on the 5th June. It is always nice to catch up with host Selina Green, and this time around was no exception.

We chatted in some detail about the recent news of the expansion of NGT’s Restoration Reserve at Mt Burr Swamp and the unfolding restoration project there, plus the general story of NGT’s evolution over the past decade. To take a listen, please click play on the media player below…

Walker Swamp, Victoria
Then on the 14th June, I was also invited for a chat with ABC radio on the other side of the border – this time catching up with host Jeremy Lee from ABC South West Victoria. Longer-term readers of NGT’s newsletter might recall that a couple of years ago, it was a special statewide hour-long live broadcast from Walker Swamp that set off an amazing flurry of interest in NGT’s wetland restoration work.

You can hear the most recent ABC radio interview from Wednesday the 14th June below, and please note that the Walker Swamp fundraiser information in this interview is now a couple of weeks out of date! The latest, up to date news on the successful conclusion to the fundraiser can be seen here in this month’s newsletter.

Aquatic Ecology news, South Australia
A week later, on the 21st of June, and there were some great stories shared in the latest Landscape SA newsletter. This edition included two recent stories (including one we shared last month) that highlight the fantastic efforts of NGT’s aquatic ecology team in SA:

International reference book on Ecological Restoration, featuring two NGT case studies
Finally, June also marks the month when a fantastic new book was published, called “Ecological Restoration: Moving forward using lessons learned“. This book includes valuable insights, using case studies from around the world to highlight and share what practitioners are learning in this rapidly evolving field of applied science. This is a field of science that underpins – and is fundamental to – NGT’s approach to our work, and is critical to promoting and supporting effective environmental repair more broadly across the world.

It was a real privilege to be invited to contribute to two chapters of the book (Chapter 6 and Chapter 14), to share some of the results of NGT’s work in ecological restoration. Chapter 6 on wetland restoration includes a case study that reviews NGT’s peatland restoration work at Glenshera Swamp, while Chapter 14 looks at the socio-political dimension of ecological restoration, using NGT’s tailored approach to our wetland restoration work as a case study, exploring how this has been a critical ingredient in our success over the past decade.

You can learn more about the book and see its full table of contents here.

Mark Bachmann