Author: Rose Thompson

29 Oct 2017 Checking recruitment at threatened orchid re-introduction sites in the South East

Sheryl and I recently headed out to check on the Little Dip Spider Orchids (Caladenia richardsiorum) that were planted out at various sites in the region in winter 2015. To refresh your memory, these threatened orchids along with three other species were purpose-grown for reintroduction...

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29 Oct 2017 On the lookout for the Southern Brown Bandicoot near Lucindale

The Southern Brown Bandicoot (Isoodon obesulus obesulus) is a medium-sized, ground dwelling marsupial mammal, which was once common in south-eastern Australia. As a result of the cumulative impacts of habitat loss, habitat fragmentation, altered fire regimes, and introduced predators, the species is listed as Endangered nationally. However,...

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23 Jun 2017 Bringing the concept of “Connections in Nature” to life in our schools

As part of ForestrySA’s schools program I recently visited Glenburnie Primary School to talk to the Years 4-7 students about Connections in Nature. We began the session by brainstorming our favourite outdoor places and then our favourite animals. The students enthusiastically participated in the discussion about...

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