Mount Burr Swamp – Habitat Restoration Reserve

Nature Glenelg Trust


The Mount Burr Swamp Habitat Restoration Reserve is the vision of Nature Glenelg Trust (NGT), a charitable not-for-profit environmental organisation based in south-eastern Australia.

A partnership agreement between NGT, the Native Vegetation Council and OneFortyOne Plantations intially secured over 90 per cent of the funds needed for NGT to establish the reserve and commence restoration works.

And then prior to settlement in September 2016, thanks to an incredible response from the local community, the bulk of the remaining $110,000 required to purchase the site was raised – leaving NGT with only a modest debt to manage going forward.


Back in February 2012, only a few weeks after Nature Glenelg Trust began, we were alerted to a potential site for purchase and restoration, only half an hour from Mt Gambier in the lower South East of South Australia.

The concept immediately looked like a great idea. After all, the site was situated next door to The Marshes (a nationally recognised wetland complex) and would enable the overall conservation area to be expanded by 50%. The property contains dozens of drained wetlands with excellent restoration potential.

One of these wetlands, Mt Burr Swamp, is a large, former deep freshwater marsh that forms a natural centrepiece for the site. With a secure water supply, all the ingredients for successful restoration are in place…

The Future Mount Burr Swamp Habitat Restoration Reserve


Mt Burr Swamp is providing a rare demonstration of what sustainable water management, threatened species recovery and large-scale native revegetation actually look like on the ground, while providing an opportunity for the community to actively participate in the exciting journey that lies ahead.

The site provides the opportunity to restore habitat for six nationally threatened species (as shown, in order): Little (formerly Dwarf) Galaxias (fish), Growling Grass Frog, Australasian Bittern, Southern Brown Bandicoot, Red-tailed Black Cockatoo and Southern Bent-wing Bat, as well as a range of other important or iconic species, such as the Brolga.

The biodiversity of the general area is best illustrated by the adjacent Marshes wetland reserve, known to support at least 36 significant species of flora and fauna, and a host of others which will directly benefit from the restoration of the Mount Burr Swamp property.

The facts

The property is 300 hectares (750 acres) in size, and is located adjacent to an existing 600 hectare wetland reserve.

The community fundraising target to eliminate our debt is $110,000 – providing an opportunity for the wider community to directly help get this project over the line.

Get on board

All project supporters (large and small) will be recognised on permanent signage to be installed on site after the fundraising target is reached. There will also be many opportunities in the future to get involved and see for yourself what we have achieved together; plus you will be kept updated on the progress of the restoration story over the years ahead through our newsletter.

You also have our commitment and guarantee that 100% of your donated money will contribute to helping us purchase and restore the site.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

To donate

  • call the NGT office on 08 8797 8596 for further details