Walker Swamp

02 Nov 2016 Highlights from the 2016 Australian Society for Limnology Conference in Ballarat

I recently had the pleasure of attending the annual Australian Society for Limnology (ASL) Conference in Ballarat.  The theme of this year’s conference was ‘Waters of past and present: shaping pathways for future management‘ and focused on decision making in times of uncertainty. This theme...

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09 Feb 2015 NGT articles in the latest edition of Wetlands Australia Magazine

The latest edition of Wetlands Australia magazine was released to coincide with World Wetlands Day 2015. You can visit the Australia Government website for the edition here. This time around, NGT managed to get a couple of good news stories about our work published - you can download a pdf...

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23 Oct 2014 The Wannon flows have waned, but thankfully our restoration trial structures are doing their job!

The early signs were certainly there, but there is now little doubt that summer has come early this year and, unlike last year, spring rains have completely gone missing. So we find ourselves in the situation where (in the last couple of weeks) the Wannon River...

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